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Code Review Guidelines

A good pull request:

  • Does about one thing (new feature, bug fix, etc)
  • Adds tests and documentation for any new functionality
  • When fixing a bug, adds or fixes test that would have caught said bug

OCaml things

  • Are the style guidelines being followed?
  • Do the signatures make sense? Are they minimal and reusable?
  • Does anything need to be functored over?
  • Are there any error cases that aren't handled correctly?
  • Are calls to _exn functions justified? Are their preconditions for not throwing an exception met? Is the exception it throws useful?
  • There shouldn't be commented out code.
  • No stray debug code lying around.
  • Any logging is appropriate. All Logger.trace logs should be inessential, because they won't be shown to anyone by default.
  • Should this code live in its library? Should it live in a different library?
  • Does the code confuse you? Maybe there should be a comment, or it should be structured differently.
  • Does a behavior change break assumptions other code makes?