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Mina Foundation Delegation Program

How to Participate in the Mina Foundation Delegation Program

Learn how to receive a delegation from Mina Foundation.


PLEASE READ: This affects the submission of uptime data and the Performance Score results for receiving a delegation.

The sidecar tracking system was discontinued on June 14th 2024. Please use the SNARK-work-based uptime tracking system.

Please follow the latest updates and post questions in the #delegation-program channel on Mina Protocol Discord.

This Delegation Program is an implementation of the Mina Foundation Delegation Policy, the official policy on the delegations of MINA tokens from the Mina Foundation (referred to as “Foundation” below).

If you are a block producer looking to participate in the Mina Foundation Delegation Program, this page explains how the program works and how to send uptime data and pay back rewards.


There are two delegation programs in Mina's ecosystem — one from the Mina Foundation and one from o1Labs, Mina's ecosystem partner. This page details the program only for the Mina Foundation.


Mina Foundation is committed to decentralizing the governance of the Mina protocol. In order to delegate their voting power, Mina Foundation delegates its tokens to community members through the Mina Foundation Delegation Program.

In the Delegation Program, Mina Foundation delegates its tokens to a number of validators. As the validators earn staking rewards associated with the delegation, they must return the remaining rewards to Mina Foundation, but can keep 8% of the staking rewards.

Block producers are selected on a quarterly basis, known as a delegation cycle, based on their Performance Scores (see below) and requirements outlined in the Mina Foundation Delegation Policy.