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Testworld Mission 2.0 Protocol Performance Testing

The Testworld Mission 2.0: Protocol Performance Testing program is here. The goal of this program is to stress test the protocol and network with Mina community members to have a high level of confidence for Mina’s upcoming mainnet upgrade that will enable easier zkApps on Mina Mainnet.

The Program gathers experienced node operators to provide the network backbone for the Testworld 2.0 testnet. Participants will perform various node operation testing tasks for different grants. Participants can perform multiple node operation tasks.


The total duration of the protocol performance testing will last for about 3 epochs with a tentative start date of 17 October (we will notify successful applicants 1 week before the testnet launch to provide adequate time for renting servers).

The Mina Foundation and its ecosystem partners will be conducting internal testing prior to the incentivized testnet start. The expected start date of 17 October may be changed in the event of any security or stability related issues. The community will be informed with as much notice as possible if that occurs.

If testers uncover critical bugs and issues on the network, it may be necessary to pause the testing, fix the issues, and then restart the testing process. In that case, participants will be requested to pause the testing or participate for an extended testnet duration.