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Online Communities

The Mina community has many online groups where you can connect with other Mina enthusiasts, node operators, zkApp developers, and more. Come join us!


Mina Protocol Discord is the most popular place where Mina enthusiasts and technical contributors gather. Some popular channels are listed here, but many more channels exist, so explore the server to find one that fits your interest.

Discussion Forums

Social Media

Mina Blogs

Community Content

The Mina Community Blog is evolving and growing along with the ecosystem and features community-generated blogs, videos, articles, and other resources.

The Mina community and its members are the core of Mina's global, decentralized network. You can be an active contributor to collective brilliance. For inspiration and steps on how to contribute to the experimental community blog, see Open Call for Mina Community Creators.

Mina Ecosystem Partners

  • O(1) Labs Blog - Incubators of the Mina Protocol
  • =nil; Foundation Blog - Creators of the zkBridge bridge from Mina to Ethereum
  • Viable Systems OpenMina Blog - Tools to help improve the performance of the Mina nodes and overall network

Are you a Mina ecosystem partner? Select EDIT THIS PAGE at the top of this page to submit a pull request to add your company blog. Thank you for helping grow the Mina ecosystem.