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Grants & Programs

Apply for grants and programs in the Mina ecosystem

The Mina community offers various programs to promote growth of the Mina ecosystem.

zkApps Builders Program

O(1) Labs, a Mina ecosystem partner, created and runs the zkApps Builders Program (ZBP), a 12-week online program to support developers who are interested in building zkApps-related projects.

The goal of the program is to provide direct access to the O(1) Labs team to support developers as they build their zkApp project and to gather feedback for improving o1js and zkApps. You can read more about the projects that came out of ZBP cohort 1 (Spring 2022).

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Quarterly Grants Program

Mina Foundation deeply values each contribution and has made it a priority to reward those individuals whose work keeps the protocol decentralized and vibrant by offering a quarterly community grants program.

In the past, grants have been awarded to projects ranging from technical tools and scripts to non-technical community contributions like content, events, and translations. We encourage all contributors and developers in Mina’s ecosystem to apply for grants.

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Mina Foundation Delegation Program

Mina Foundation is committed to decentralizing the governance of the Mina protocol. In order to delegate its voting power, Mina Foundation delegates its tokens to block producers in the community through the Mina Foundation Delegation Program.

Learn more about the Mina Foundation Delegation Program.