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o1js helps developers build apps powered by zero-knowledge (zk) cryptography.

The easiest way to write zk programs is using o1js.

o1js is a TypeScript library for zk-SNARKs and zkApps. You can use o1js to write zk smart contracts based on zero-knowledge proofs for the Mina Protocol.

o1js is automatically included when you create a project using the Mina zkApp CLI.

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o1js is an open source project. We appreciate all community contributions to o1js!

See the Contributing guidelines for ways you can contribute.

Community Packages

High-quality community packages from open source developers are available for your project.

  • snarkyjs-elgamal A partially homomorphic encryption library for o1js based on Elgamal encryption: GitHub and npm

To include your package, see Creating high-quality community packages.