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zkApp CLI Installation

Install and use the zkApp CLI to scaffold, write, test, and deploy zkApps (zero knowledge apps) for Mina Protocol using recommended best practices.


To build zero knowledge apps that use o1js, you only need to install the zkApp CLI. o1js is automatically included when you create a project using the zkApp CLI. In the root of your project directory, use zk system to show the system information with installed versions of zkApp CLI and o1js.


  • NodeJS v18 and later
  • NPM v10 and later
  • git v2 and later

If you have a later version of a dependency, install the required version using the package manager for your system:

  • MacOs Homebrew

  • Windows Chocolatey

  • Linux (apt, yum, and others)

    As recommended by the Node.js project, you might need to install a recent Node.js version using NodeSource binary distributions: Debian, rpm.

To verify your installed versions of dependencies, use node -v, npm -v, and git -v.


To see usage information for all of the zkApp CLI commands:

$ zk --help

Install the zkApp CLI

To install the latest version:

npm install -g zkapp-cli

To confirm successful installation:

$ zk --version

Update the zkApp CLI

You are prompted to install the new version if you are running an earlier zkApp CLI minor version. For example, if you are running version 0.12.1, but the current version is 0.13.0, you are prompted to update.

You are not prompted to update if you are using an earlier patch version. For example, you are not notified to upgrade when you are running 0.12.0, and the current version is 0.13.1.

To update to the latest version of the zkApp CLI:

npm update -g zkapp-cli