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How to Delegate

Learn how to delegate MINA and receive staking rewards

Instead of running your own node, you can delegate MINA to a validator (block producer) and receive staking rewards.


First, ensure you installed a Mina wallet with funds.

Delegating MINA

Here’s how to delegate MINA within common wallets:

  • Auro - Open the wallet, tap “Staking”, tap “Go to Staking”, select a block producer, and confirm the transaction details.
Screenshot of Mina Explorer

  • Clorio Wallet - Open the wallet, tap “Staking Hub”, select and confirm your validator, and enter your transaction fee and passphrase or private key.
Screenshot of Mina Explorer


When sending transactions on a blockchain, such as Mina, senders must include a transaction fee. Most wallets calculate a recommended fee. You can also view a suggested fee amount based on current network transaction volume at this community-created Gas Station website.