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How to Send & Receive

Learn how to send and receive MINA


First, ensure you have installed a Mina wallet.

Receiving MINA

To receive MINA, you must provide the unique address for your Mina account to the sender.

Here’s how to find your address within common wallets:

Screenshot of Auro Wallet


To prevent spam, the Mina network charges a one-time account creation fee of 1 MINA. This fee is automatically deducted from the first transaction received.

Sending MINA

When sending MINA, always double check that you have the correct Mina address for the recipient. Remember that transactions on the Mina blockchain are final and irreversible.

Screenshot of Auro Wallet


When sending transactions on a blockchain, such as Mina, senders must include a transaction fee. Most wallets calculate a recommended fee. You can also view a suggested fee amount based on current network transaction volume at this community-created Gas Station website.

Viewing your transction on a blockchain explorer

You can view your transactions using one of the community-run blockchain explorers:

Screenshot of Mina Explorer