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zkApp programmability is not yet available on the Mina Mainnet, but zkApps can now be deployed on the Mina Devnet.

How to Use a zkApp

Learn how to interact with a zero knowledge smart contract


  1. Install a zkApp-compatible Mina wallet.
  2. Make sure that your Mina wallet contains MINA to pay for transaction fees.

The Mina community has created a variety of different wallets. Only the Auro Wallet for Chrome supports interactions with zkApps.


  1. Visit the zkApp in a web browser. For example,
  2. Interact with the zkApp as intended. For example, make a move in a game, enter in your age, and so on.
  3. Click the confirmation button to send the transaction to the Mina network.
  4. In your Mina browser wallet extension, confirm the transaction.
  5. Done! Congratulations. Your transaction will be processed by the Mina network and, when accepted into a block, will update the zkApp's on-chain state.

Check the zkApp transaction

To confirm that your zkApp transaction has been successfully processed, view the clickable transaction hash shown by the wallet on a block explorer.